Team Zero Fun Photo Fundraiser

Hi, there.

Hi, there.


How many men do we want to have prostate cancer? Zero.

How many men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer this year? 240, 000. How many will die this year? 30, 000.

I joined Team Zero.

Yep. I’m one of those charity runners. I’ve joined with Team Zero  to run the Marine Corps Marathon this year. My coach, Jeff Kline, has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. In an effort to bring more awareness to this issue, he’s become a Zero ambassador and the hard-charging fool has decided to qualify for Boston, then run from Oregon to DC (that’s, like, a bunch of miles), and finish his little jog across the US with the Marine Corps Marathon.

Hard. Charger.
Also, when your coach runs 24 hours on a treadmill, becomes an Ironman, qualifies for Boston, runs across the country, and undergoes treatment for cancer, it really puts the kibosh on whining and excuses.

You can read more of Coach Jeff’s blog posts here.
You can read about Zero here.
You can donate to my Zero page here.
You can keep reading more stuff here…

In an effort to meet my personal goal of raising $1000, I’m offering photography sessions and photos in exchange for donations. The photo stuff only works if you happen to be around the Fort Bragg area, ….however!!!

If you don’t live in this area or you aren’t photogenic or you don’t want pictures for some reason, you can still donate a photo session and I will donate your session to a nearby soldier and his/her family.

So, see, there’s really no good reason for you to not donate. 🙂

$50= one 1 hour photography session, one photo disc with 15-20 high resolution .jpg’s
$100= one 1.5 hour photography session, two photo discs with 20-35 high res .jpg’s
$150+= one 2 hour photography session, 3 photo discs with up to 50 high res .jpg’s and a large package of M&M’s. …because M&M’s are awesome.

Caveats and Alibi’s:
**I’m not a pro. I don’t make money from taking photos. …not because I’m not good, but because everyone and their brother has a camera and they all call themselves “photographers”. I am good at what I do, I just don’t have an assistant and expensive, unnecessary equipment.
**I don’t use Photoshop. (see above). Your photos will be amazing, lightly edited, will look just like you! but if you show up for pictures with a huge zit, that zit will be in your pictures. What you can do, however, is take the photos I give you and have someone else edit them because…
**Your photos will be your photos. You’ll get a copyright release and there will be no watermarks. Yours, yours, yours.

You can see some of my work and read some of my photography philosophy (that sounds like a song…) by scrolling through this blog and my Flickr pages. If you have questions about the fundraiser or a photo session, please eMail me at  or submit some info here:

Other fundraising ideas:

a bikini car wash! …the kind where you pay me to not wear a bikini.

strippers in a bounce-house!

a yard sale in which I try to sell a bunch of crap that no one else wants, either!

fried pie eating contest! …the winner gets a free tube of activated charcoal!

I think I’ll stick to the photos. …unless someone can make the bounce-house thing happen.

Cheers, my friends!




What a Good Photo Is

This is not a good quality photo:


…but it’s a good photo. There is motion and emotion. The movement evokes what it should: the energy and joy of childhood.

There are so many “faux-tographers” who get a bad wrap because they don’t use expensive editing services or have access to fancy lighting equipment. I’m a “faux-tographer”. My cousin (a real photographer) gives me free pointers and tips. I take pictures for folks, burn them to a disc and that’s it. I have no trade conventions under my belt, only one camera (Olympus E-3), I don’t use PhotoShop.

And, like the old man who insists that he doesn’t know art, but he knows what he likes, I submit that these are good photos… They tell a story, the technology is lacking, and I love them. …what are you favorite good photos?



(it’s been a good long while since I dusted off my camera and went a-snapping…I’m about to find myself in the mood for foto-giraffes)

Free Photos for Deploying Families

Howdy, friends!

If you’re local (and you know who you are…) and are going to be experiencing a deployment within the next two months, I’ll take some family snaps for you and yours for free. 🙂

(insert Adam Sandler voice here: “for freeeeeeeeeee”)

eMail and we’ll work out a schedule that works. These sessions will be quick (less than 30 minutes) and probably take place on post. You’ll receive 3-10 jpegs via eMail suitable for printing on cards or framing up to 8×10. I recommend Snapfish or Shutterfly, but there are other sites out there for this sort of thing. 🙂

What I DO NOT want you to tell me:

the date of the deployment

the unit or destination of the deployment

the duration of the deployment.

I don’t need to know any of this. No one does. If anyone asks you for this info, its not me and you should step on their toes smartly while screaming “fire!”. …you get the idea.

If you’d like to make a donation to Team Fisher House to show your gratitude for the snaps, that would be nice, but its not required. I’m doing this because, as an Army wife, I know the time before deployment sucks and its hard to get pictures.